Thursday, 31 March 2016



Jersey - ASOS
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Sunglasses - Kurt Geiger

So life update... I've moved to the Cayman Islands... 

Blogging isn't easy here as I don't have a tripod and do not have anyone I can rope into taking my photos for me... yet. I'm working on it though. Until then I have some old photos on my laptop I didn't get round to posting and thought this would be the perfect time to share them. This outfit is another one from my holiday in Lanzarote with my family. I love how laid back and casual this outfit is and I can confirm this has become a staple for me since moving here (with a pair of shorts on underneath of course... even if you can't tell! 

Also I think I'm going to try and include more lifestyle posts while I'm here but also use this to show my underwater photography, as I am basically a full time mermaid now. 


Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Playsuit - Marks and Spencer
Shoes - Kurt Geiger

Please ignore my slightly wet and awful hair in this post. Lets just say silver hair does not agree with heat and chlorine.

My Mum spotted this playsuit in a magazine and thought it was very 'me' so bought it for me. What a babe she is! I do LOVE it though! It's quite girly for my normal style so I love making it slightly edgier with a leather jacker and some boots. 

I'm still fighting the holiday blues and I'm not ready to accept the Summer is over but I am looking forward to layering up and wearing all my chunky knits.


Saturday, 17 October 2015


Dress - Missguided
Shoes - Kurt Geiger

So I've just got home from an incredible two weeks in Lanzarote with my family. I managed to rope my boyfriend into taking some outfit photos for me while out there and fingers crossed he continues because it's so nice having outdoor photos on my blog. 

This is one of my favourite dresses from last summer. I sized up as I know Missguided things can come up a little short and I love the loose fit of it.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will notice I currently have 11 little puppies in my life which are taking up a lot of time. I've turned into a crazy dog lady so deffo give me a follow if you love cute fluffy puppies (@stylebyali on both) 

Hope you are all well