Monday, 16 March 2015

A Thousand Stars

 Dress - ASOS
Top - ASOS
Coat - Primark
Boots - Public Desire

Another exciting colourful outfit from me haha! I recently rediscovered this ASOS pinafore dress and fell back in love. It's totally unflattering though but I can just constantly walk around with my arms in the correct post to cover how wide it bunches as I walk (sexy I know).

I have successfully filmed a few youtube videos so I'm just in the process of editing them! Super excited about this! 

Alice xo


  1. Ooh lovely boots, I have similar ones from Next :)

  2. I love this outfit! Especially the boots and coat

    Jenna |

  3. I do love a good pinny - though some are mighty unflattering and totally require some ace maneuvering skills to have it sit right or hang right all the time. Coveting your coat, too. Primark you say...

    little miss fii || Fii x

  4. This outfit is so cute, I really love your coat! Super exciting about YouTube as well, looking forward to seeing your videos!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

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  6. Absolutely loving this outfit - that pinny is just so adorable and (I never thought I'd say this about a pair of knee-highs) I am in love with those boots! Totally coveting this look

    Chantel Dione | fashion, beauty, music & life

  7. Oh how I love your hair! And the outfit looks so stylish as well :-)
    I recently discovered your blog and I love it! Following you on Bloglovin' now! Hope you'll like mine as well :-)
    Taria-ann |

  8. i love your coat, and the color of your air, you look beautiful.
    The Color Palette

  9. Love this outfit. I really like that dress x

  10. That dress paired with those boots is just so dreamy! Love the fluffy coat too! :)

  11. This is one of my fave outfits of yours! You should definitely consider cutting your hair to collarbone length - I think it would look amazing on you

    Charlotte - styleaked

  12. such a cute outfit! love your hair too

    from helen at

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  13. Haha I've definitely had to deal with a few odd shaped outfits you still look nice regardless. I love your coat also and your hair looks great!


  14. i think it is really lovely and you look so awesome x

  15. I like the look of your black Asos dress paired with your white Asos top. Your lipstick looks perfect and pretty - I like that shade of red.

  16. this outfit is everything. especially love that coat.